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Make your next vacation a pack-in horseback trip!

 7 Lazy P Outfitting and the Crary family, based from the historic 7 Lazy P guest ranch, offers summer pack trips into Montana’s Bob Marshall Wilderness along with a variety of fall hunting opportunities and special ranch events. The guest ranch is remote, but easily accessible. You’ll feel the history and solitude as you escape the hectic world and enter into a new dimension of peace and quiet. A trip into the Bob will refresh your soul and energize your senses as a magnificent landscape unfolds before you around every bend in the trail. To see, hear, and feel the wilderness from the back of a horse is truly astounding. The top-notch crew and stock of the 7P will safely guide you through the remote wilderness.

“In scenery you see more than you can absorb. In wilderness you absorb more than you can see.” ~ Tom Detrich

experience wilderness

The Bob Marshall Wilderness is 1.5 million acres of unspoiled, wild country. Our full-guided horse pack trips to iconic destinations in this magnificent place offer a vacation like none other. Your experience will be enhanced with the camaraderie and guidance of our experienced crew. You will also develop a deeper sense of wild country and an appreciation of traditional packing skills. Be ready for your senses to come alive with the sights and sounds that only nature can reveal to us. Scenery, wildlife, geology, and Montana's big sky are the backdrop for fishing natural streams, hiking to places you never dreamed you could get to, capturing photos, relaxing and unplugging.